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What’s new

SMART Education Software 2015 introduces the following new features:

SMART Notebook 15.1 software

New Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) activities

Four new Lesson Activity Builder activities with new themes have been added to LAB, including Match ‘Em Up!, Fill In the Blanks, Rank Order activity and Shout It Out!. Both text and images can be used with these activities, with the exception of Fill In the Blanks. See Creating activities with Lesson Activity Builder .

Images are now supported in the Flip Cards activity, so you can add images as well as lists to your LAB categories. This adds a new fun dimension to the activity. See Managing Lesson Activity Builder content.

New Shout It Out! Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) tool

Shout It Out! is a dynamic content-creation and contribution tool that students and teachers can use with Lesson Activity Builder (LAB). Students can quickly create and contribute text and image content to LAB content creation activities using their own mobile devices, and teachers can easily curate the content. Students engaged quickly as they see their own work and suggestions develop. See Adding a Shout It Out! activity.

SMART Ink 3.1 Improvements

Dynamic toolbar

SMART Ink 3.0 introduced a new dynamic toolbar for selecting pen options when writing or drawing in digital ink. For most SMART interactive products, the dynamic toolbar appears when you pick up one of the SMART interactive product’s pens and disappears when you return the pen. You can use the dynamic toolbar with any application on your computer, including SMART Notebook 15.1 sofware.

In SMART Ink 3.1, the dynamic toolbar appears as a circle rather than a horizontal bar when it’s minimized:

SMART Ink 3.0

SMART Ink 3.1

In addition, you can dock the dynamic toolbar to the left or right edge of the screen, close it by pushing it off of the screen and pin palettes so they remain open while you write or draw or complete other tasks.

For more information, see About the dynamic toolbar.

SMART Ink window tools

When you write or draw in a window, a SMART Ink window tools button appears in the window’s top-right corner. You can use this button to do the following:

SMART Ink Favourite Pens

If you frequently write or draw in the same color, width and style of digital ink, you can save those properties as a favorite pen.

For more information, see Using SMART Ink favorite pens.

SMART Touch Inking Tool

If your computer is connected to a SMART interactive product that supports touch recognition, you can use the SMART Touch Inking Tool to write or draw with your finger or an accessibility aid, such as a tennis ball.

For more information, see About the SMART Touch Inking Tool.

SMART Notebook 15 software