Setting table cell padding preferences

SMART Notebook 11 software adds cell padding to tables.

Tables before and after upgrading to SMART Notebook 11 software

Complete the following procedure to remove cell padding from tables. This is particularly useful if you created tables prior to upgrading to SMART Notebook 11 software and intended the tables’ contents to display without cell padding.


Completing the following procedure affects the appearance of tables in .notebook files when viewed on your copy of SMART Notebook software only. If you open the same .notebook files on another copy of SMART Notebook software, the tables display with cell padding (assuming the procedure hasn’t been completed on that copy of SMART Notebook software).

ClosedTo remove cell padding from tables

  1. Select Notebook > Preferences.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Press Defaults.

  3. Clear the Add cell padding to table cells check box.

  4. Press OK.

  5. Close and restart SMART Notebook software.

    New and existing tables in your .notebook files display without cell padding.