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Removing SMART software

SMART Support might ask you to remove existing versions of SMART software before you install new versions. You can do this using the SMART Uninstaller.

ClosedTo remove SMART software

  1. In Finder, browse to and double-click Applications/SMART Technologies/SMART Uninstaller.

  2. Select the software you want to remove.


    • Some SMART software is dependent on other SMART software. For example, if you select SMART Notebook, SMART Uninstaller removes SMART Response software automatically because SMART Response software is dependent on SMART Notebook software.

    • SMART Uninstaller automatically removes any supporting software that is no longer being used. If you choose to remove all SMART software, SMART Uninstaller automatically removes all supporting software, including itself.


    • To select more than one software application, hold down SHIFT or COMMAND while selecting the software applications.

    • To select all software applications, press Select All.

  3. Press Remove, and then press OK.

  4. If prompted, enter a user name and password with administrator privileges, and then press OK.

    SMART Uninstaller removes the selected software.

  5. Close SMART Uninstaller when done.