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Troubleshooting the SMART Notebook software window and toolbar



When using SMART Notebook software on an interactive product, you or your students can’t reach the toolbar.

Press Move toolbar to top/bottom of windowMove toolbar to top/bottom of window icon to move the toolbar from the top of the window to the bottom.


If you have a height-adjustable wall mount, you can also adjust the height of your interactive whiteboard or display so that students can reach it.

Toolbar buttons described in this documentation don’t appear on the toolbar.

If a down arrowDown arrow appears on the right side of the toolbar, press it to display additional toolbar buttons.

If your desired button doesn’t appear when you click the down arrowDown arrow, you or another user might have removed the button (see Customizing the toolbar).

Some buttons described in this Help require the installation of SMART Notebook Tools, such as SMART Response software.

Don’t span more than a few buttons across rows to prevent the toolbar from being wider than the SMART Notebook software window.

There isn’t enough room on your interactive product to display the contents of a page.

Press View ScreensView Screens icon, and then select Full Screen to display the page in Full Screen mode.


Select the Auto-hide check box to hide the tabs when not in use.

The Page Sorter, Gallery, Attachments, Properties and other tabs disappear whenever you press outside of the tabs.

Press one of the tab’s icons to display it, and then clear the Auto-hide check box.

Two users are creating or manipulating objects in SMART Notebook software on a SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard. One user is using his or her finger. The other user is using a pen from the pen tray.

When the user using the pen presses a button in the toolbar, the selected tool or option changes for the user using his or her finger instead.

The user using the pen must press buttons in the toolbar with the pen, not with his or her finger.

For more information, see Enabling two people to use a SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard.