Creating shapes with the Shapes tool

You can use the Shapes tool to create a variety of shapes, including perfect circles, perfect squares, perfect triangles, other geometric shapes, hearts, check marks and Xs .

You can add a shape to your page, and then edit its properties. Alternatively, you can customize a shape’s outline color, fill color and line thickness, and then add it to your page.

ClosedTo create a shape

  1. Press ShapesShapes icon.

    The Shapes tool buttons appear.

    Shapes tool buttons

  2. Select a shape on the toolbar.


    PressDown arrow and then select a shape.

  3. Optionally, customize the shape using the property selectors.


    You can also customize the shape using the Properties tab (see Changing objects’ properties).

  4. Create a shape by pressing where you want to place the shape and dragging until the shape is the size you want.


    • You can create perfect circles, squares, triangles and other shapes by holding down SHIFT as you draw the shape.

    • You can select a shape while the Shapes toolShapes icon is active without having to switch to the Select tool. Press the shape once, and a selection rectangle appears around the shape.