Writing with the Text Pen

You can write notes that automatically convert to editable text using the Text Pen.

ClosedTo write editable text

  1. Press PensPens icon.

    The Pens tool buttons appear.

    Pens tool buttons

  2. Press Pen Types, and then select Text Pen.

  3. Select a line type.


    Write tidy, printed characters on a horizontal line. Although SMART Notebook software can convert slanted or cursive writing, it doesn’t always do so consistently.

  4. Write digital ink notes on the page.

    Your handwriting converts to typed text. Accept and reject icons appear beside the typed text.

    Example of handwriting converting to text

  5. PressAccept text conversion button to accept the typed text.


    PressReject text conversion button to restore your handwritten notes.


    • You can perform this action while the Text Pen is active without having to switch to the Select tool.

    • The typed text is accepted by default if you don’t press one of the icons.