Connecting to Team Content categories

The Team Content categories feature enables you to connect to Gallery content in a shared location on your school’s network. Multiple teachers can connect to the same folder. SMART Notebook software automatically updates your changes for all other teachers.


Your access permissions for the Team Content category are the same as your folder access permissions on your school’s network. If you have full access to a folder on the network, you can add or remove items in that folder’s Team Content category. However, if you have read-only access to the folder, you can copy items from the Team Content category, but you’re unable to add, edit or remove items.

ClosedTo connect to a Team Content category

  1. If the Gallery isn’t visible, press GalleryGallery icon.

  2. Press Click here for more Gallery optionsClick here for more Gallery options icon, and then select Connect to Team Content.

    The Connect to Team Content dialog box appears.

  3. Browse to and select the folder containing the Team Content category you want to connect to, and then press Open.

    The Team Content category appears in the Gallery.

ClosedTo contribute to a Team Content category