Resetting pages

If you make changes to a page (without saving those changes), you can reset the page to the state it was in before you made the changes.


Resetting a page doesn’t reset any Adobe Flash Player compatible files running on the page.

ClosedTo reset a page

  1. If you haven’t done so already, display the page you want to reset.

  2. Select Edit > Reset Page.

    A dialog box appears, prompting you to confirm the reset.


    • This option is disabled if you haven’t made changes to the page since last saving the file.

    • You can also select this option by doing one of the following:

      • Control-clicking the page

      • Pressing the page’s menu arrow in the Page Sorter

      • Pressing the page’s menu arrow while editing page groups (see Grouping pages)

      • Pressing Reset PageReset Page icon if it’s included on the toolbar (see Customizing the toolbar)

    • You can reset multiple pages at the same time. Select the pages’ thumbnails in the Page Sorter, press the menu arrow, and then select Reset Page.

  3. Press Reset Page.