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Creating and Using Concept Mapping Nodes

To create a root node

To begin using Concept Mapping, open it from the toolbar. A root node appears automatically. You then use additional nodes to create the concept map.

ClosedTo create a root node

  1. Press Start a new concept mapConcept mapping icon in the Add-ons menu.

    A root node opens.

    Root node

  2. Double press within the root node to edit the text. Press Propertiesor Text to open the Text menu, where you can select text size, font and color.

ClosedTo create additional nodes

  1. Press the + button in the root node. A new node appears with a line connecting it to the root node.

    Add nodes

  2. Double press within the node to edit the text.

Using an image as a node

ClosedTo use an image as a node

  1. Open Concept Mapping and drag or paste an image, Ink or text to the Notebook page.

  2. Use a Notebook pen to draw a circle around the image.

  3. The image appears within a new node. Move the node to wherever you like on the Notebook page.

  4. Now use the pen to draw a regular ink line from the new node to another node. The line turns into a segment and joins the two nodes.


    • Use the Undo and Redo buttons to undo or redo your Concept Mapping work.
    • If you delete a root node, all other nodes are also deleted.
    • You can re-size the node by pressing the re-size handle and moving it to make the node larger or smaller. See Resizing objects