Getting started with Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera

Hardware and software requirements

To get started with Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera, you need the following:


The SMART Document Camera 280 doesn’t support Mixed Reality Tools.

Lighting requirements

Mixed Reality Tools works best in a bright room where the work surface doesn’t have any noticeable shadows or glare.

The light must be as uniform as possible, shining on the cube and background. You can achieve this by setting up the document camera so that the camera is facing directly down, perpendicular to a uniform, neutral work surface. The work surface should not be darker than the black elements on the mixed reality cube or lighter than the white elements on the cube.


  • In very bright rooms, the work surface can appear whiter than the white elements on the cube.

  • You can print a mixed reality mat and place it under the document camera to increase contrast between the cube and the background (see Using the mixed reality mat).

A typical projector room is usually quite dark. For Mixed Reality Tools to work properly, the document camera’s light should be turned on. Don’t manipulate the cube more than 14" (35 cm) from the document camera.


If SMART Notebook software doesn’t enter Mixed Reality mode when you hold the cube under the camera, shake the cube under the camera. If the issue persists, press and hold the brighten button on the document camera to maximize the brightness.