Using the mixed reality mat

To increase the contrast between the mixed reality cube and background, you can use the mixed reality mat available from the SMART Support website. The mat includes marks that indicate the area in which you can move the cube while in Mixed Reality mode.

To print the mixed reality mat, you need the following items:

ClosedTo print the mixed reality mat

  1. Open the appropriate mixed reality mat file in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


    Page size


    U.S. and Canada

    Letter (8 1/2" × 11")



  2. Select File > Print.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  3. Select None in the Page Scaling drop-down list, clear the Auto-Rotate and Center check box, and then press OK.

  4. Arrange the pages:

    • Page 1 is top left.

    • Page 2 is top right.

    • Page 3 is bottom left.

    • Page 4 is bottom right.

    Set page 1 as the bottom page in your stack.

  5. Overlap, orient and align the pages according to the guidelines, and then tape the pages together.


    Due to different page sizes and printing options, your pages may not align perfectly onto the guidelines. If that is the case, align the pages to the central crosshairs.


    • Use a light table or a tablet device set to a white background as an aid when aligning the pages.

    • To make the mat last longer, consider printing it on heavy cardstock.

ClosedTo use the mixed reality mat

  1. Place the mixed reality mat on your work surface.

  2. Place the document camera over the darkened area on the mat.

    SMART Document Camera over the darkened area of the mat

  3. Rotate the arm of the document camera upward until it’s at its highest spot.

  4. Turn on the document camera.