Using your SMART Document Camera

You can display objects and capture an image to a SMART Notebook page.

You can present images from your document camera through SMART Notebook software. The interactive whiteboard or projector displays your computer desktop or SMART Notebook file.


Your document camera should be in Camera mode. SMART Notebook software also works with the camera in the Computer Pass-Through mode. See your document camera’s user’s guide for more information.

ClosedTo open a SMART Document Camera window

  1. Connect your SMART Document Camera to your computer and turn on the document camera.

  2. Press SMART Document CameraSMART Document Camera icon.

    A SMART Document Camera window appears.

  3. Place the object or objects you want to display under the camera.

    SMART Document Camera window

  4. Press any of the following on the menu bar to adjust the image.

    Menu option


    Zoom Out icon

    Zoom out.

    Zoom In icon

    Zoom in.

    Decrease Brightness icon

    Decrease brightness.

    Increase Brightness icon

    Increase brightness.

    Autofocus icon

    Focus automatically.

    Focus Out icon

    Focus out manually.

    Focus In icon

    Focus in manually.

    Additional Settings icon

    Change the appearance of the image: rotate it 180º, define the image color, black and white or film negative. You can also start and stop Microscope mode and start Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera automatically.

    Mixed Reality icon

    Start Mixed Reality.

    Capture and Close icon

    Insert a screen capture on the current page and then close the window.

    Capture to New Page icon

    Capture an image and insert a screen capture on a new page and keep the current window open.

ClosedTo take a series of screen captures

  1. Open a SMART Document Camera window.

  2. Press Capture with Time-LapseCapture with Time-Lapse icon on the SMART Document Camera window menu bar, and then select a period of time. (For example, if you want to take a screen capture every 15 seconds, select 15 Seconds.)

  3. When you’re done, pressStop icon to stop recording.


    TheSeries of screen captures display appears in the bottom left corner of your SMART Notebook page. It displays the time that has lapsed since the last screen capture and the number of screen captures taken.

ClosedTo use a microscope

  1. Connect your document camera to a microscope. See your document camera’s user’s guide for more information.

  2. Open a SMART Document Camera window.

  3. Press Additional SettingsAdditional Settings icon on the SMART Document Camera window menu bar, and then select Start Microscope Mode.


    The Additional SettingsAdditional Settings icon button doesn’t appear if you’re using a SMART Document Camera 230 with SMART Notebook software.

  4. Press Additional SettingsAdditional Settings icon, and then select Stop Microscope Mode when you’re done.