Disguising 3D models before presenting them

If you want to hide 3D models in your .notebook file before presenting them, you can use the Disguise feature to hide the 3D models with a magic hat.

When you use Mixed Reality Tools, the magic hat disappears after Mixed Reality Tools assigns the 3D model to the cube, revealing the 3D model.


If you hide multiple 3D models on the same page with magic hats, each magic hat has a different colored ribbon.

ClosedTo hide a 3D model with a magic hat

  1. Select the 3D model.

  2. Press the 3D model’s menu arrow, and then select Disguise > Disguised.

ClosedTo change the magic hat’s color

  1. Select the magic hat.

  2. Press the magic hat’s menu arrow, and then select Disguise > Change Color.

ClosedTo reveal a 3D model under a magic hat