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Device, browser, operating system and network recommendations

This section describes the devices, web browsers, operating systems and network capacity that ensure the best possible user experience with Lesson Activity Builder Shout It Out!. The version of SMART Product Drivers that ensures the best experience on SMART interactive products is also listed, as well as websites that must be white listed in order for the Shout It Out! activity to work correctly.


When using the Shout It Out! activity, students may check their website access at

Device recommendations

Mobile Device recommendations

Web browser recommendations

Operating system recommendations

Network recommendations

Shout It Out! is designed to keep network requirements as low as possible while still supporting rich collaboration. The network recommendation for Shout It Out! alone is 0.3 Mbps per device. A school that regularly uses other Web 2.0 tools should have enough network capacity to run Shout It Out!. If Shout It Out! is used in conjunction with other online resources, such as streaming media, greater network capacity could be required, depending on the other resources being used.

Website access requirements

To ensure that Shout It Out! works correctly, add the following URLs to your network’s whitelist.