Shout It Out! user validation

If you are using a trial version of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, you might receive a reCaptcha notification when you open Shout It Out! in Lesson Activity Builder for the first time.

If you receive this notification, you must first validate the trial version before Shout It Out! features will work. After you have registered as a trial user, you will no longer receive reCaptcha notifications.

ClosedTo validate as a trial user

  1. If you receive a reCaptcha notification In the LAB Student Contribution Activity dialog window, select the I’m not a robot check box.

    An image questionnaire appears.

  2. Complete the questionnaire and press Verify.

    If you answer the questionnaire correctly, a green check mark will appear in the I’m not a robot check box.

  3. Press Start Activity to begin adding the Shout It Out! activity. See Adding a Shout It Out! activity.