Checking clicker status

You can check the status of each clicker in your classroom and, if you have more than one receiver, determine which receiver the clicker is connected through.

ClosedTo check clicker status

  1. Click the SMART Response iconSMART Response icon in the Mac menu bar.

    A message appears below the Configure Devices heading indicating how many receivers are connected.

  2. Click the iconConfigure Devices icon below the Configure Devices heading.

    Teacher Tools starts.

    The Devices window appears showing a status message.

    If a “Your SMART Response receiver is not connected” message appears, the SMART Response receiver isn’t connected or isn’t working properly. The receiver name doesn’t appear below the Devices button. See Checking receiver status to troubleshoot the receiver connection.

  3. Click My Receiver to display the classroom name and the make, model and hardware ID (MAC address) of the receiver. If you have more than one receiver, My Receiver appears once for each receiver connected.

  4. Select the Clickers tab.

    A list of clickers connected through the receiver appears. Each row in the list displays the student name, the clicker’s hardware ID or MAC address, the battery capacity and the signal strength.