Creating a SMART Teacher file

If you want to save all of your class lists and assessment results, you need to create a SMART Teacher file. Your SMART Teacher file also enables your students to find and connect to your classes when they connect in Sign In mode.

If you need to, you can create additional SMART Teacher files after you create the initial one.

ClosedTo create a SMART Teacher file the first time you use SMART Response software

  1. Click the SMART Response iconSMART Response icon in the Mac menu bar, and then select the icon below the Teacher Tools heading.

    The Welcome to Teacher Tools wizard appears.


    The wizard appears only if you haven’t created a SMART Teacher file.

  2. Type a classroom name of one to eight characters, and then click Begin.

    An Anonymous Mode window appears showing the classroom name.


    If a receiver isn’t connected, a SMART Response isn’t ready window appears. If you have a receiver, connect it now.

  3. Click Create a new SMART Teacher file and set up your class lists.

    A Gradebook Information window appears.

  4. Type your name and other information in the text boxes. The Save button is unavailable until you provide all the required information.

  5. Click Save.

    A Save As dialog box appears.

  6. Type a file name, and then click Save.

    The .teacher file saves and the Gradebook window appears displaying the teacher’s name.

ClosedTo create an additional SMART Teacher file 

  1. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  2. Select File > New.

    The Gradebook Information screen appears.

  3. Type your information in the text boxes, and then click Save.

  4. Browse to where you want to save your SMART Teacher file, and then click Save.