Creating a class list in Teacher Tools

ClosedTo create a class list

  1. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  2. Click Add a Class in the Gradebook area on the left.

  3. Type a name for your class (for example, Math), add any optional details in the Class Information boxes, and then click Add.

    After a short delay, the new class’s window appears and the class name appears in the Gradebook area.

  4. Click the Students tab at the top of the window.

  5. Click Add on the toolbar.

    The Properties window appears below the table.

  6. If you are using SMART Response LE clickers, type a unique number between 1 and 199 in the Clicker ID box.


    The clicker IDs in the class list must correspond with the IDs programmed into the student clickers.

  7. Type a unique 1 to 15 digit ID in the Student ID box.


    • If you’re using SMART Response PE, LE or XE clickers, the student ID must be a maximum of 15 digits or students can’t sign in to the class.

    • If you’re using SMART Response in VE mode, the student ID can contain numbers and letters from the Roman alphabet.

  8. Type a student’s name in the Name boxes. The student’s e-mail address and tags are optional. You can also type name and ID information directly in the table.


    You can use tags to categorize the students in custom groupings that SMART Response software uses when you create student reports.

    The student information saves to the class list as you type it.

  9. Repeat these steps for each student.