Flagging results

You can add a blue flagSet Flag icon to a student’s results as a visual reminder to follow up for any reason, for example, if a student requires remedial work. You can also clear the blue flag from the student’s results.


If students are disconnected during an assessment, a Disconnected Student icon appears beside their names. To clear this flag, see Importing student responses.

ClosedTo add a follow-up flag

  1. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  2. Select the class the student belongs to in the Gradebook class list.

    The class information appears.

  3. Click the Students tab.

  4. Select the student’s name in the list.

    The student’s information appears in the lower pane.

  5. Click the Results tab.

  6. Select the assessment result you want to flag in the list.

  7. Click the Set flag iconSet Flag icon above the results list.

    A blue flag appears in the Mark column.

ClosedTo clear a follow-up flag

  1. In the Results tab, select the assessment result with the flag you want to clear.

  2. Click the Clear flag iconClear Flag icon above the results list.

    The flag disappears.