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Using your SMART Response system

Using the SMART Response interactive response system, you can perform planned or spontaneous student assessments in the same software you use to deliver your lessons—it integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

You can easily prepare exams in advance or spontaneously quiz students during a lesson and receive immediate responses from your class. Depending on the mode you’re using, SMART Response software supports several different types of questions, including true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer, text answers, and numerical fractions and expressions. You can import questions from third-party question banks, applications and other common programs.

After students submit their answers, you can see the results by percentage in a graphical format, which gives an accurate representation of the whole class’s performance, not just that of individual students.

Teacher Tools

Using Teacher Tools, you can access, view and manage all assessment data in one location. You can create class lists and set up, conduct and manage tests and quizzes. You can track each student’s progress over several assessments, and you can even tag questions with key words to evaluate test results and student performance in greater detail.

Teacher Tools makes it easy for you to keep everything organized. The easy-to-use management tool automatically files test results in the built-in grade book. It also lets you manage your class lists and view performance reports and test scores.

The Teacher Tools Gradebook gives you quick access to test results, making it easy to prepare reports and conduct evaluations. Reports can be as simple or as detailed as you need. Create high-level comparisons of class performance, specific reports based on tagged characteristics such as demographics or curriculum standards, or personalized reports on how individual students perform. You can also create reports that show grades for the entire school year.

SMART Response system hardware

The SMART Response receiver and clickers use radio frequency technology to provide a reliable wireless connection between the student clickers and the central receiver. You don’t need a line of sight to the clickers, and the range is 100' (30 m). The receiver verifies receipt of every signal and messages automatically re-send if they aren’t received.

Students find the handheld clickers easy to use and comfortable to hold. Students can easily read several lines of text on the large display screen. They can see if responses have been sent and can review the status of their clicker’s battery power and network connection.

Using the interactive response system

You can use SMART Response software’s integrated SMART Notebook features on any computer, so you can take your laptop home to develop assessment questions without having to connect a receiver. You can then copy the assessment files to a classroom computer where you can run your assessments.

When you install SMART Response software, by default, the installation program installs SMART Notebook software and SMART Product Drivers. When you select SMART Response software, the installer includes Teacher Tools and menus that appear in the SMART Notebook software toolbar. If you are using SMART Response software in CE or VE mode, you must activate the software within 30 days of installation.


See the SMART Training Center for two-minute tutorials, quick references and other training resources that can help you get started with SMART Response interactive response system.