Importing questions from APIP files

You can import assessment questions in Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) file format. The APIP file format uses standardized XML that makes it easier to transfer content. You can also export questions in APIP file format (see Exporting results).


APIP files are imported as zip files. Do not extract the files before you import them.


You can import different types of questions, including yes or no, true or false, multiple choice, multiple answer, numerical fractions and expressions and text answer.

ClosedTo import questions from APIP

  1. Click the SMART Response iconSMART Response icon in the Mac menu bar, and then select Open Notebook Software.

    A blank SMART Notebook page appears.

  2. Select Response > Import questions from a file.

    The Import Questions dialog box appears.

  3. Select APIP > Next.

    The Open dialog box appears.

  4. Browse to and select the zipped APIP file, and then click Open.

    A progress bar appears and closes when the conversion is complete.

  5. In the Page Sorter tab, select the thumbnail for the title page.

  6. Optionally, edit and customize the title page and description.

  7. In the Page Sorter tab, select the thumbnail for the first question page and check it carefully to verify that the conversion process was successful.

  8. Repeat step 7 for all questions in the assessment.

After you import the questions, see Setting answers for imported questions.