Locking sign-in

You can block students from signing in to your class. Select the Lock Sign In button to block students from signing in before you’re ready or to block late students from signing in. When you start a class, sign-in is unlocked by default. If you stop and restart SMART Response software or open a new class list, sign-in unlocks.


  • In PE, LE and XE modes, you can lock sign-in only in Sign In mode.

  • In CE mode, you can lock sign-in in Sign In and Anonymous modes.

  • You are unable to lock sign-in in VE mode.

ClosedTo block students from signing in

  1. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  2. If a class isn’t already started, select a class in the Gradebook area, and then click Start Class.

  3. Click Lock Sign In.

    Students are unable to sign in.


If students disconnect from your class when sign-in is locked, they’re unable to sign in again until you click Unlock Sign In.