Monitoring clickers

You can use Teacher Tools to see if a clicker is logged on or if it’s in Anonymous mode. If the clicker is logged on, you can also see the student’s name. You can see each clicker’s hardware ID (MAC address) and identify which logged-on student is using it.

The display shows the signal strength of each clicker, as measured by the receiver. If the signal level is low for one or more clickers, and they are having communication problems, you can reposition the receiver or remove signal path obstructions.

ClosedTo monitor clickers

  1. Start a class and have your students connect their clickers.

    The SMART Response receiver indicator lights are green.

  2. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  3. Click the Devices button in the left column.

    The Devices window appears with the message “Your SMART Response receiver is connected and working”. The receiver name appears below the Devices button.


    If the “Your SMART Response receiver is not connected” message appears, the SMART Response receiver isn’t connected or isn’t working properly. Check the receiver connections or repeat the receiver installation.

  4. Click My Receiver, and then click the Clickers tab at the top of the window.

    The Clickers window appears and displays a table of all connected clickers. Each row of the table shows one clicker’s signal strength, battery condition, student name and hardware ID (MAC address).


    If students’ clickers are connected anonymously, the Student Name field displays Anonymous.