PDF document formatting

The text below shows examples of multiple choice questions formatted so that SMART Response software can easily convert them to question pages.

  1. How is the boy involved in the dog’s care?

    1. He feeds the dog twice a day.

    2. He walks the dog once a day.

    3. He cleans up the dog’s messes.

    4. He gives the dog a lot of affection.

  2. What percentage of the U.S. Government budget goes to welfare and Social Security?

    1. 25% to welfare and 25% to Social Security

    2. less than 1% to welfare and 20% to Social Security

    3. 20% to welfare and 1% to Social Security

    4. less than 1% to welfare and less than 1% to Social Security


  • You can import only multiple choice questions.

  • Remove headers and footers from your PDF file because the import utility will attempt to convert them into questions.

  • Introduction, background or source information not related to questions should be on separate pages.

  • Text and graphics that the import utility can’t convert into questions are imported to a SMART Notebook page as a graphic.