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Selecting how students answer questions

Students can answer questions using one of these options:

  • SMART Response / Senteo clickers

  • SMART Response PE clickers

  • SMART Response LE clickers

  • SMART Response XE clickers

  • SMART Notebook SE software on student devices

  • SMART Response VE using Internet-enabled devices

  • Multiple devices, optionally including SMART Response VE and SMART Response / Senteo or SMART Response LE devices

Each of these options has a corresponding mode in SMART Response software. The first time you plug in a SMART receiver, prompts you to select the operating mode. Subsequently, you can select the appropriate mode for the devices in your classroom using the SMART Response Setup Tool.


  • If you have more than one type of SMART Response device in your classroom, you can choose Multiple devices mode, or you can choose the mode that matches the type of device you’re using, and then use only that type of device while in that mode.

  • Some question types aren’t available in all modes. See About question types for more information.

  • Students can use SMART Response PE, SMART Response LE, or SMART Response XE clickers, SMART Response SE (SMART Response CE) or Internet enabled devices (SMART Response VE) while is in Multiple devices mode, but there are some limitations. See Multiple devices mode limitations for more information.

ClosedTo open the SMART Response Setup Tool on a Mac computer

  1. Close software and Teacher Tools if they’re running.

  2. Click the SMART Response icon in the Mac menu bar, and then select Setup Tool.

    The SMART Response Setup Tool window opens.

ClosedTo select how students answer questions

  1. Open the SMART Response Setup Tool.

  2. Select from the following options:

    • SMART Response LE

    • SMART Response XE

    • SMART Response VE

    • SMART Response PE

    • SMART Response / Senteo

    • SMART Notebook SE software

    • Multiple devices

      • Include SMART Response VE

      • Include SMART Response / Senteo, SMART Response LE or both types


    • Classes that are running stop automatically.

    • If you select SMART Response / Senteo or LE in Multiple devices mode, Text answer questions aren’t available.

    • If you select SMART Response VE or Multiple devices and have selected the Include SMART Response VE option, you can select a SMART Response VE Local server. See SMART Response VE Advanced Settings for more information.

  3. Click OK.

    A message appears stating that your setup has changed. If you switch to VE or if you select the Include SMART Response VE option in Multiple devices mode, a message appears asking you to accept the terms of use. Click I Accept.

    When you start software, your students can answer questions using the device or devices you selected in step 2.