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Starting SMART Response LE software the first time

You can use SMART Response LE in two modes: Anonymous mode and Sign-In mode. See About Sign In and Anonymous modes for information about the operating modes.

Before you can use SMART Response LE in your classroom in Anonymous mode, you must

  • assign a classroom name to the receiver, which you can do by creating a .teacher file, or by starting an assessment in SMART Notebook software.

  • pair the students’ clickers with the SMART Response receiver.

To use SMART Response LE in Sign-In mode, in addition to the above, you must

  • assign clicker IDs to each student’s clicker (which you can do when you pair the clickers with the receiver).

  • create a class with a class list containing the clicker IDs.


  • You’re unable to assign a classroom name while you install SMART Response software. You can create a classroom name only after the software is installed and Teacher Tools starts for the first time.

  • If you created a .teacher file on another computer, you can copy it to your computer and open it instead of creating a new file.