Tagging questions

You can select tags from a comprehensive list of educational standards and cognitive level tags for the questions you create in SMART Notebook software, or you can create custom tags. See Adding questions using the Insert Question wizard. You can also add tags or change the tags to questions after you finish creating an assessment.

Assigning tags to questions

ClosedTo add or change tags in existing questions

  1. Click the SMART Response iconSMART Response icon in the Mac menu bar, and then select Open Notebook Software.

    A blank SMART Notebook page appears.

  2. Select File > Open, and then select your assessment file.

    The SMART Notebook file appears displaying the title page.

  3. Select the thumbnail for the question page you want to add tags to.

    The question page appears.

  4. Click the SMART Response tab, and then select the Properties tab.

  5. If the Tags box isn’t visible, click Show beside the Answer Key heading.

  6. Click Browse.

  7. If you want to choose from a large selection of educational standards or cognitive level tags, select your region, grade and subject, and then select one or more tags from the categories listed.

    If you want to select your custom tags, select one or more tags in the Custom Tags category.

    The selected tags appear in the Tags for this question field.


    Tags that you select are stored in the Recent Tags category. Next time you tag questions you can select tags you've used before from this list instead of searching for them.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. Press Page Up or Page Down to select other questions as required, and then repeat steps 5 through 8.

  10. Save your assessment.