SMART Response VE Advanced Settings

The first time you select SMART Response VE using the SMART Response Setup Tool (see Selecting how students answer questions for more information). SMART Response software uses the default server hosted by SMART. If you want to use a SMART Response VE Local server, perform the following procedure.

ClosedTo select a SMART Response VE Local server

  1. Select SMART Response VE or select Multiple devices and select the Include SMART Response VE option in the procedure in Selecting how students answer questions.

  2. Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the dialog box.

    The Advanced Settings dialog box appears.

  3. Select SMART Response VE Local server.

    The Website text box appears.

  4. Type the URL of the SMART Response VE Local server you want to use.

  5. If you want to test the server connection, click Test Connection.

    If a green check mark and Working appear, the connection is working.

    If you have incorrectly typed the URL, or if a network problem is preventing the connection, a SMART Response VE Connection Errors dialog box appears. Verify the URL or contact your system administrator.