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Maintaining SMART Ink

You can change general settings for SMART Ink.

ClosedTo change SMART Ink settings

  1. If the dynamic toolbar is open, press the settings button in its bottom-right cornerSettings icon.


    If the dynamic toolbar isn’t open, go to Applications/SMART Technologies in Finder, and then double-click SMART Ink Settings.

    The SMART Ink Settings window appears.

  2. Change settings:




    Start SMART Ink when you log on

    Select the check box to start SMART Ink automatically when you log on to the computer.

    If you clear the check box, SMART Ink doesn’t start when you log on to the computer and you’re unable to write or draw over applications or create SMART Ink Notes.

    You can start SMART Ink manually (see Starting SMART Ink).

    SMART Touch Inking Tool

    Press Start SMART Touch Inking Tool to turn on the SMART Touch Inking Tool (see About the SMART Touch Inking Tool).


    Press Start SMART Touch Inking Tool to turn off the SMART Touch Inking Tool.

    This control is available only if your computer is connected to a SMART interactive product that supports touch recognition.

    Erase ink after it’s converted to text

    Select the check box to erase ink after you insert it as text in an application.


  3. Press Apply, and then press OK.