Importing a File with SMART Notebook Print Capture

When you install SMART Notebook software, you also install SMART Notebook Print Capture. It works like any other printer, except that SMART Notebook captures its output in a .notebook file, instead of printing it on paper. Each page of an imported file appears as an object on its own page, with its original formatting and page breaks preserved.

To import a file using SMART Notebook Print Capture

  1. In the source file you want to export to a .notebook file, select File > Print.

The Print dialog box appears.

  1. Select SMART Notebook Print Capture in the list of printers.

  2. To change the page orientation or graphics resolution, you must:

  1. Press the Properties or Preferences button.

The SMART Notebook Print Capture Properties dialog box appears.

  1. Select Landscape orientation or Portrait orientation.

  2. To change the resolution of the imported image on the page, enter a number in the Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution boxes.


Use the same value in both boxes to prevent image distortion. For best results, use a value between 50 and 100.

The higher the resolution, the larger the image.

Don't use the Draft, Low or Medium settings, because they may not scale the image proportionally.

  1. Press OK.

NOTE: Don't press the ENTER key on your keyboard instead of the OK button, because the ENTER key closes the dialog box without saving your changes.

  1. Select a Page Range, and then press OK.

If a .notebook file isn't open, a new file opens. Each page of the source file appears on a separate page.


If a .notebook file is open, each page of the source file appears in the current file after the current page.

This process can take several minutes.

NOTE: SMART Notebook locks print capture graphics in place. You must unlock them before you can modify them.

Recommended Resolutions

If you adjust the resolution of the imported image, use the table below as your guide. Recommended graphics resolutions depend on the resolution of your screen.

Screen Resolution

Recommended Graphics Resolution

1152 864

100 100

1024 768

90 90

800 600

60 60

640 480

50 50