Using Transparent Background Mode

Using Transparent Background mode, you can view the desktop and windows behind the SMART Notebook window and continue to interact with the open, transparent file. You can draw in digital ink on a transparent page and save your notes in the file. You can also display measurement tools, take screen captures and more. If an area of the screen doesn't include any SMART Notebook objects, you can select and interact with the desktop and applications behind the SMART Notebook window.

To display your file in Transparent Background mode

Press Transparent Background .

The background of the whiteboard area becomes transparent, allowing you to see the desktop and applications behind SMART Notebook, but any objects on the .notebook page remain visible.

The title bar, toolbar, taskbar and sidebar disappear, and the Transparent Background toolbar appears.



NOTE: The toolbar displays the current page number and the total number of pages in the file.





Select objects on the current page or interact with desktop and application objects that aren't covered by a SMART Notebook object.


Draw a freehand object on the current page.

Previous Page

Display the previous page in the current file.

Next Page

Display the next page in the current file.

More Options

Open a menu of options that enable you to add a screen shade, select different digital ink, select a creative pen, add straight lines, add shapes and more.

Exit Transparent Background Mode

Return to the standard view.

Toolbar Options

Display additional toolbar buttons.

To display more toolbar buttons

Press Toolbar Options .

The toolbar expands to include the following buttons.




Insert Blank Page

Insert a new, blank page in the current file.


Reverse the effect of the last action.


Delete all selected objects.

Clear Page

Erase all digital ink and delete all objects from the interactive screen.

Screen Capture Toolbar

Open the Screen Capture toolbar.


Insert a ruler on the page.


Insert a protractor on the page.

Geodreieck Protractor

Insert a Geodreieck protractor on the page.


Insert a compass on the page.