Adding a Fill In the Blanks activity

Fill In the Blanks is a fun activity where students fill in missing information. Write a sentence with up to ten blank spaces, then let students drag the words around the board and fill in the missing information that belongs in those blanks.

You can preview an activity from the Add an Activity window.

ClosedTo preview an activity

  1. Press Preview this Activity.

    The Fill in the Blanks Activity Preview dialog box opens. This dialog gives detailed information about the activity.

  2. Press Cancel to close the window or press Add this Activity to continue building the activity.

ClosedTo add a Fill In the Blanks activity

  1. Open Lesson Activity Builder by pressing the LAB toolbar icon in the Notebook toolbar.

    The Add an Activity window opens.

  2. Scroll to locate the Fill In the Blanks activity and press Add this Activity.

    The Choose Design page of the Add an Activity window opens.

    Select a theme by pressing it. the desired theme. The selected theme is surrounded by a blue box.

  3. Press Next.

    The Add Content dialog opens.

    In the Edit Content area, enter the desired text. You can use up to 300 characters for your content. The character counter indicates how many characters you have left. You will define the blanks in the next step.

  4. Press Define Blank Spaces.

    The Add Blank Spaces dialog box appears.

  5. In the text you previously entered, press each word you would like to be blanked, or drag a blank box from the bottom of the activity to the word you want to blank. You may also blank only part of the word by dragging the blue handles of the blank box.

    The text you have chosen to blank is surrounded by a transparent blue box.

  6. When you have completed blanking the desired words, press Next.

    The Add game components dialog box opens. Select an optional game component if desired. See Adding a game component to your activity.

  7. Press Finish.

    Lesson Activity Builder builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments. The sentence and word blanks appear.

  8. Have students drag and drop the words to the appropriate spaces in the sentence.

  9. Press the Check answers button that appears when the activity is complete.

    Check marks or Xs will appear beside the completed blanks to indicate correct or incorrect answers. Answers can be re-ordered to produce correct answers.