Adding a Match ’Em Up! activity

Students can use the animated Match Em Up! activity to drag and drop matching components into the underwater tank of the Immersive Matching activity, or the laboratory beakers in the Matching Beakers activity. Add game components to make the activity even more engaging.

ClosedTo preview an activity

  1. Press Preview this Activity.

    The Match ’Em Up! Activity Preview dialog box opens. This dialog gives detailed information about the activity.

  2. Press Cancel to close the window, or press Add this Activity to continue building the activity.

ClosedTo add a Match ‘Em Up! activity

  1. Open Lesson Activity Builder by pressing the toolbar icon in the Notebook toolbar.

    The Add an Activity window opens.

  2. Scroll to locate the Match ‘Em Up! activity and press Add this Activity.

  3. In the Template and Theme section, select the Immersive Matching theme or the Matching Beakers theme. The selected theme is surrounded by a blue box.

  4. In the Answers section under Check matches, select Check answers right away to immediately reject incorrect answers, or select Check answers after students have finished to reject incorrect answers at the end of the activity.

  5. Press Next to move to the Add Content page.

  6. In the Category Name boxes, type the name you want to use for each category.

  7. In Category Content boxes, type category content names, drag and drop the matching items associated with the category, or edit content. You can also add category content from a previously saved list or paste in content from a spreadsheet or text document. For more information about adding content, see Managing Lesson Activity Builder content.


    To use an image in your activity, click the file folder icon in either content list. Browse to and select the image, then press Open. The image appears in the content list. Although you can create as many items as you like, only the first 10 are used in your activity. Create at least two matches to continue.

  8. Perform the same actions for the category on the right.

  9. Press Next.

    The Add game components dialog box opens. Select an optional game component if desired. See Adding a game component to your activity.

  10. Press Finish.

    Lesson Activity Builder builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments.


    • You can navigate Lesson Activity Builder by pressing one of the navigation buttons at the top of the Activity Creation wizard.

    • You can preview an activity from the Add an Activity menu.

      Press Preview this Activity. The activity preview window opens and gives you more information about the activity you have chosen.

      Press Cancel to close the window or Add this Activity to continue building the activity.

    • Use the Activity Restart button to restart the current activity. This button is located at the top right of the open LAB activity page.

    • Use the Activity Edit button to open the Add an Activity window. This button is located at the top right of the open LAB activity page.