Adding a Rank Order activity

In the Rank Order activity, students arrange items in a list according to your instructions. Try arranging whole numbers from smallest to largest, steps in a scientific procedure or other items in order of preference.

You can preview an activity from the Add an Activity window.

ClosedTo preview an activity

  1. Press Preview this Activity.

    The Rank OrderActivity Preview dialog box opens. This dialog gives detailed information about the activity.

  2. Press Cancel to close the window, or press Add this Activity to continue building the activity.

ClosedTo add a Rank Order activity

  1. Open Lesson Activity Builder by pressing the LAB toolbar icon in the Notebook toolbar.

    The Add an Activity window opens.

  2. Scroll to locate the Rank Order activity and press Add this Activity.

  3. In the Template and Theme section, select the desired theme. The selected theme will be surrounded by a blue box
  4. In the Answers section, press Correct/Incorrect for the activity content to be evaluated as right or wrong, or Preference to allow students to arrange items in any order they want.

  5. Also In the Answers section, press Check answers right away to check the answers as items are ordered, or Check answers after students have finished to check the rank order items at the end of the activity.

  6. Press Next. The Add Content dialog box opens.

  7. In the Item order dialog box, select the way in which the items are to be ordered. You may select from First → Last, Smallest → Biggest, Highest → Lowest, or Custom.

    If you select Custom, enter the terms you would like to use to indicate the order, like Tallest and Shortest.

    if you want to reverse the order label, first select the order you wish to change, like First →Last, then press Flip labels. The order label will now be Last →First.

  8. Enter the items to be ordered.

    Although you can create as many items as you like, only the first 10 are used in the activity.

  9. Tip 

    To use an image in your activity, click the file folder icon in the content list. Browse to and select the image, then press. Open. The image appears in the content list. Create at least two items to continue.

  10. Press Next.

    The Add game components dialog box opens. Select an optional game component if desired. See Adding a game component to your activity.

  11. Press Finish.

    Lesson Activity Builder builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments.

  12. Have students drag and drop the items in the correct order from top to bottom. When correctly completed, the items will gently move to indicate completion.


A a green check mark or a red X will appear beside each ordering answer to indicate correct or incorrect. The order may be changed until all answers are correct.

If you selected Check answers right away, answers are checked as they are given. Correct answers are accepted, and incorrect answers are rejected.

If you selected Check answers after students have finished, the answers are checked after students answer all the questions, giving you more time for discussion.