Adding a Shout It Out! activity

Students can quickly create and contribute text and images to LAB content-creation activities using their own device web browsers, and teachers can easily curate the content.

To ensure the best possible user experience with Shout It Out!, see Device, browser, operating system and network recommendations.


If you are using a trial version of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, you might receive a reCaptcha notification. You will need to validate the trial version to use Shout It Out!. For more information, go to Shout It Out! user validation.

You can preview an activity from the Add an Activity window.

ClosedTo preview an activity

ClosedTo add a Shout It Out! activity

  1. Open Lesson Activity Builder by pressing press the toolbar icon in the Notebook toolbar. The Add an activity window opens.

  2. Scroll to locate the Shout It Out! activity and press Add this Activity.

    The Shout It Out! Choose design page opens. Select the theme you would like to use. You can choose from either the Arranged Randomly theme or the Categorized theme.

  3. Click Next.

    The Add content page opens. If you previously selected Categorized placements, at least two categories are required for the activity.

    In Contribution Categories, give names to the categories to contain student contributed content.

    In Acceptable Contributions, choose from Text or Images contribution types.

  4. Enter the maximum number of text and image contributions per device.

  5. Press Off or On under Display contributor names to select whether contributor names will be displayed.

  6. Press Next. The Add game components dialog box opens. Select an optional game component if desired. See Adding a game component to your activity.

  7. Press Finish.

    Lesson Activity Builder builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments. To start the activity and allow your students to make contributions, see Adding Student Contributions To A Shout It Out! Activity.

ClosedTo start a Shout It Out! Activity

  1. After you have created a Shout It Out! activity, confirm that the Display Contributor Names and Contributions per Device settings are correct.

  2. Press Start Activity.

    The LAB Student Contribution Activity dialog window appears. It includes the URL that students will enter into their browsers, and the generated activity ID number students will enter on the SMART Notebook lesson activity builder website. The activity icon turns green to indicate that an activity is currently in progress.

  3. Direct students to and have them enter the activity ID number and their names. Students are connected to the activity.

    Student contributions appear in the Notebook Lesson Activity Builder page. See Adding Student Contributions To A Shout It Out! Activity.


To delete a contribution, drag it to the Recycle bin at the top left of the Lesson Activity Builder activity page. After a contribution is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.