Changing the Video Output Arrangement

You can operate multiple SMART interactive products using the same computer. You can split the computer's display over two or more interactive screens, or you can view some programs and windows on one interactive screen and other program and windows on another.

If you're splitting or stretching a computer image across multiple interactive screens, you must change SMART hardware settings to customize the behavior of your SMART products, including how you want to arrange the video output.

To change the video arrangement

  1. Open the SMART Notebook control panel.

  1. Press SMART Hardware Settings.

  1. The upper area of the control panel displays an image of each SMART product. Press the image of the product with the settings you want to change.

  2. Select Arrange Video Output in the list.

  3. Select Override video output arrangement.

NOTE: To disable this option, clear the Override video output arrangement check box.

  1. Select the number of Columns and Rows you want to use in the video output arrangement.

  2. Press OK to close the control panel.

  3. Enable Multitouch mode.

  4. Orient each interactive product.