Enabling Non-Projected Mode

If you don't have a projector for your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can use your SMART product in Non-Projected mode. You can write on the interactive whiteboard in Non-Projected mode with dry-erase markers and save your notes in a .notebook file.

CAUTION: Check your SMART product's installation guide for more information before writing on it with dry-erase markers. For example, don't write on an interactive screen if it has an OptiPro surface. OptiPro surfaces are optimized for use with Projected mode.

To enable Non-Projected mode

  1. Open the SMART Notebook control panel.

  1. Press SMART Hardware Settings.

The upper area of the control panel displays an image of the SMART product connected to the computer.

  1. If your computer is connected to more than one SMART product, the upper area of the control panel displays an image of each SMART product. Press the image of the product with the settings you want to change.

  2. Select Hardware Info and Settings in the list.

  3. Select Non-Projected (Whiteboard Mode).

NOTE: To disable Non-Projected mode, select Projected (Mouse Mode).

  1. Press OK to close the control panel.