Calibrating the Cameras

IMPORTANT: Do not calibrate your SMART product's cameras unless SMART Technical Support asks you to do so.

If your SMART product uses DViT technology, SMART Technical Support might ask you to calibrate the cameras and orient the interactive screen to resolve issues. Issues relating to DViT technology could include areas of the screen that don't respond when you press, inaccurate or erratic screen response, uneven digital ink or digital ink with gaps.

To calibrate the cameras

  1. Open the SMART Notebook control panel.

  2. Select SMART Hardware Settings.

The upper area of the control panel displays an image of the SMART product connected to the computer.

  1. If your computer is connected to more than one SMART product, the upper area of the control panel displays an image of each SMART product. Press the image of the product with the settings you want to change.

  2. Select Advanced Settings in the list.

  3. Press Calibrate.

The four point calibration screen appears.

  1. Press and hold the center of each target until you hear a beep.

After you press the final target, a message appears, and then an orientation screen appears.

  1. Orient the interactive whiteboard.

NOTE: You don't hear a beep when you press targets on the orientation screen.