Welcome Center

The SMART Welcome Center provides access to many of the tools, resources and files you access when you're using a SMART product. The options and links available in the Welcome Center are organized into four tabs.

Using the options on the Quick Start tab, you can create a new file, open an existing file, open one of the four most recently accessed files, orient the SMART product, access the SMART Notebook control panel and change the language of the SMART Notebook interface.

Using the options on the Tools tab, you can access SMART tools including SMART Recorder, SMART Video Player, SMART Keyboard, Floating Tools, Screen Shade, Spotlight, Magnifier, Pointer, Screen Capture toolbar and your operating system's default calculator. You can also customize the Floating Tools toolbar and the SMART Notebook toolbar, and you can lock SMART products.

Using the options on the Teacher's Hub tab, you can access online resources including training materials, lesson activities, newsletters, case studies and more.

Using the options on the Help/Support tab, you can access the Help Center, request online support, start a support session, activate software, check for software updates, access the SMART Notebook control panel and change diagnostics settings.

IMPORTANT: Do not change diagnostics settings unless asked to do so by SMART Technical Support.

To open the Welcome Center

Press the SMART Board icon in the notification area, and then select Welcome to Notebook.

NOTE: If your computer isn't currently connected to a SMART interactive product, the SMART Board icon includes an X in its bottom right corner .