Changing the Orientation Level

You must configure and align SMART Notebook to respond accurately when you press the interactive screen. You can provide this information by performing an orientation: a simple process of pressing firmly and precisely on a target displayed on the screen.

You can change SMART hardware settings to customize the behavior of your SMART product, including the precision of the orientation procedure. If you're using a program that requires precise control, you can select a precise orientation. However, if you want to configure the screen as quickly as possible, you can select a quicker orientation process.

To change the orientation level

  1. Open the SMART Notebook control panel.

  1. Press SMART Hardware Settings.

The upper area of the control panel displays an image of the SMART product connected to the computer.

  1. If your computer is connected to more than one SMART product, the upper area of the control panel displays an image of each SMART product. Press the image of the product with the settings you want to change.

  2. Select Orientation/Alignment Settings in the list.

  3. Select the orientation precision level you want.

  4. The Quick orientation uses 4 alignment points and is suitable for most purposes. You can perform a Quick orientation to re-orient the interactive product with minimal interruption.

  5. The Standard orientation uses 9 alignment points and provides a slightly higher level of accuracy.

  6. The Wide orientation uses 12 alignment points and is suitable for wide-screen products.

  7. The Fine orientation uses 20 alignment points.

NOTE: Some orientation levels are not available on some SMART products.

  1. Press OK to close the control panel.