Using SMART Notebook with Microsoft Excel Software

Microsoft Excel software is Ink Aware, which means that it's integrated with SMART Notebook. What you write or draw on the interactive product becomes a part of the Excel spreadsheet.

To write or draw in Microsoft Excel software

  1. Display the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you want to write in.

  2. Write or draw on the interactive screen.

The Aware Tools toolbar appears. Depending on your version of Microsoft Excel software, this toolbar either floats on top of the program or appears with the program's other toolbars.

NOTE: If the Aware Tools toolbar doesn't appear, select View > Toolbars > SMART Aware Toolbar in Microsoft Excel software.

  1. Press to insert your notes or drawings into the Excel spreadsheet as graphics.


Press to convert your writing into typed text and insert it into the Excel spreadsheet.


Press to take a screen capture of your notes and the Excel spreadsheet.

The screen capture appears in a .notebook file.