Writing or Drawing with Creative Pens Using Floating Tools

You can use the Creative Pen tool in the Floating Tools toolbar to add colorful elements when you write or draw freehand objects. The Creative Pen tool enables you to draw a line of rainbow colors, smiley faces, stars and more.

Some examples of SMART Notebook's creative pens

To write or draw with creative pens using Floating Tools

NOTE: The Creative Pen button isn't included in the default Floating Tools toolbar. However, you can customize the Floating Tools toolbar by adding and removing tools. For the following steps, the Floating Tools toolbar must include a Creative Pen button.

  1. Press Creative Pen in the Floating Tools toolbar, and then select an available line style.

  2. Write or draw on the interactive screen.

  3. When you finish writing and drawing, press Select in the Floating Tools toolbar. Otherwise, SMART Notebook interprets screen touches as pen strokes.

To customize the Creative Pen floating tool

  1. Press Creative Pen in the Floating Tools toolbar, and then press Customize .

The Properties dialog box appears.

  1. Press the digital ink style you want to customize from the Floating Tools toolbar.

  2. Select a line thickness.

  3. Press Save Tool Properties.