Erasing Using Floating Tools

You can use the Eraser tool in the Floating Tools toolbar to erase digital ink.


Alternatively, erase on the interactive product using an eraser (on interactive whiteboards) or tethered pen and Eraser tool button (on interactive pen displays).

You can erase digital ink created with the Pen or Highlighter tools. You're unable to remove some types of objects, including straight lines and shapes.

To erase with Floating Tools

NOTE: You can customize the Floating Tools toolbar by adding and removing tools. For the following steps, the Floating Tools toolbar must include an Eraser button.

  1. Press Eraser in the Floating Tools toolbar, and then select one of the available eraser sizes.

  2. Press the digital ink you want to erase.

  3. When you finish erasing, press Select in the Floating Tools toolbar. Otherwise, SMART Notebook continues to erase when you press the screen.