Changing SMART Keyboard Settings

You can change SMART Keyboard settings, including the number of keys in Classic view and the keyboard's transparency.

NOTE: You can change the settings for each view. Some of the options described in the following procedure apply only to particular views.

To change SMART Keyboard settings

  1. Press Settings in SMART Keyboard.

The Keyboard Settings dialog box appears.

  1. Select Click, Speech or No Sound to set a sound for each key press.

  2. Select 101, 102 or 106 to set the number of keys in Classic view.

  3. Select a time delay that indicates how long the SMART Keyboard waits before converting your writing into typed text in Write view.

  4. Select Left or Right to position the keys in Shortcut view.

  5. Select the SMART Keyboard transparency.

  6. Select Display Keyboard for system logon if you want the keyboard to appear automatically when the computer starts.

  7. Press OK.