Attaching Copies of Files to the Attachments Tab

You can attach copies of files to the Attachments tab. This enables you to find and open files easily during a lesson.


You can also attach file shortcuts or links to Web pages to the Attachments tab.

When you attach a file, the size of the .notebook file increases. Although SMART Notebook compresses files to conserve space, SMART Notebook can compress some file types more than others.

To attach a copy of a file

  1. If the Attachments tab isn't visible, press Attachments .

  1. Press the Insert button at the bottom of the Attachments tab, and then select Insert Copy of File.

The Insert Copy of File dialog box appears.

  1. Browse to and select the file you want to attach.

  2. Press Open.

The file's name and size appear in the Attachments tab.

NOTE: You can link a file to an object on a page.