Typing Text on a Page

You can type text on a page and customize its font style, size and color.


To remove text from a page, you must delete it. The Eraser tool doesn't remove text.

You can also write on the interactive screen, and then convert your writing into typed text.

To type text on a page

  1. If a keyboard isn't accessible, open the SMART Keyboard.

  2. Press Text , and then select an available font style.

TIP: If the available font styles cover the area you want to write in, press the X symbol to the right of the available font styles.

  1. Press where you want the text to start.

The Fonts toolbar and a text object appear.

  1. Change the properties of the text, including its font style, size and color, using the Fonts toolbar.


You can also use the Fonts toolbar to control alignment, create subscripts and superscripts, create bulleted lists and add mathematical symbols.

You can also edit the formatting of the text using the options in the Properties tab.

  1. Type your text.

  2. After you finish typing, press outside of the text object.

NOTE: You can select a text object, and then edit the text, edit its object properties or manipulate it.