Generating Graphs from Equations

If you insert or write an equation, you can generate and display a graph based on the equation.

To generate a graph from an equation

  1. Select the equation.

  2. Press the equation's menu arrow, and then select Math Actions > Generate Graph.

The graph appears.

NOTE: After you insert the graph, you can also manipulate its position, size and rotation and customize its title, axes and labels.

If you update the information in the equation, SMART Notebook Math Tools updates the graph.

To break the connection between an equation and a graph

  1. Select the equation or select the graph.

A blue highlight appears around both the equation and the graph. An X in a blue circle appears between them.

  1. Press the X symbol .

If you update the information in the equation and the connection is broken, SMART Notebook Math Tools doesn't update the graph.