Inserting Number Line Graphs

You can insert a number line graph into a page. You can include the default number line or create a customized axis and insert this instead.  

NOTE: You can also create Cartesian and quadrant graphs.

To insert the default number line graph

Press Graphs , and then press Number Line .


Select Math > Graph > Number Line.

A number line graph appears.

To insert a customized number line graph

  1. Press Graphs , and then press Wizard .


Select Math > Graph > Wizard.

The Insert Graph dialog box appears.

  1. Select Number Line, and then press Next.

The customization fields appear.

  1. If you want to change the increments of the numbers along the axis, type a different Step value or increase it using the up and down arrows .

  2. Type numbers to define the Start and End points of the axis or change these numbers using the up and down arrows .

  3. To display a graph without numbers on the axes, clear the Show Numbers check box.

  4. Press Finish.

NOTE: After you insert the graph, you can also manipulate its position, size and rotation, and customize its title, axis and labels.