Using the Spotlight

You can use the Spotlight during a presentation to draw attention to an area of the screen. You can move the Spotlight to different areas of the screen and change its shape.


When the Spotlight is open, you can write on and interact with screen elements in the Spotlight area only.

You can also highlight an area of a page using the Magic Pen.

To use the Spotlight

  1. Press the SMART Board icon in the notification area, and then select Other SMART Tools > Spotlight.

NOTE: If your computer isn't currently connected to a SMART interactive product, the SMART Board icon includes an X in its bottom right corner .

A highlighted area and the Spotlight icon appear.

  1. To move the highlighted area, press the Spotlight icon, and then drag it to another location on the screen.

  2. To make the Spotlight larger or smaller, press the edge of the highlighted area, and then drag it outward or inward.

  3. To change the highlighted area's shape, press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, select Shape, and then select Ellipse, Rectangle or Star.

  4. To change the transparency of everything outside of the highlighted area, press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, select Transparency, and then select a percentage of transparency or Not Transparent.

To close the Spotlight

Press the Spotlight icon's menu arrow, and then select Exit.