Changing SMART Video Player Settings

SMART Video Player enables you to play a video on your interactive screen and write notes over it in digital ink. You can change SMART Video Player settings to control its behavior.

To change SMART Video Player settings

  1. Select Settings > Video Player Settings in SMART Video Player.

The Video Player Settings dialog box appears.

  1. To display the SMART Video Player window on top of other windows at all times, select Always on top.

  2. To pause the video automatically when you pick up a pen tray pen (on interactive whiteboards) or select a pen tool button (on interactive pen displays), select Pause when tool(s) lifted.

  3. To apply a fade effect to the digital notes you write over SMART Video Player, select Fade out notes. To set when and for how long SMART Video Player applies the effect, select times in the Begin after and Continue for lists.

  4. To hide the Video Player toolbar in Full Screen view after a defined number of seconds, select Remove toolbar in full screen mode. To set when the toolbar disappears, select a time in the After list.

  5. To use the most recently selected video hardware source in future sessions, select Remember last hardware source.

  6. Press OK.